Notebook and Laptop Data Recovery

Data Recovery - LaptopsLike desktop PCs, laptops and notebook computers, particularly due to their portable nature, are at risk of hard drive failure. From damaged hard drives to corrupted data, deleted files and much more, mobile devices face their own set of challenges.

If your notebook crashes, get in touch with one of our notebook data recovery specialists for immediate assistance and an analysis of the situation. Call 1800 LOSTFILES (1800 5678 34) and in all probability we will be able to retrieve the missing data, quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively.

Common laptop and notebook hard drive problems include:

  • start-up failure associated with damage from impact (e.g. dropping the notebook)
  • damage from exposure to moisture or liquids (water, coffee etc)
  • damage from overheating/fire
  • operating system/disk boot failure
  • applications stop responding (do not run/load data)
  • accidental or malicious file deletion and damage
  • file/data corruption
  • hard disk component failure
  • bad sectors on critical portions of the hard drive or damaged/deleted FAT tables

Notebook/Laptop data recovery process

  1. Call 1800 LOSTFILES [5678 34] for immediate help and advice from an experienced laptop data recovery consultant.
  2. If the missing data is recoverable, we will organise to have your hard drive (if easily removable) couriered to our lab, for computer forensics investigation.
  3. A raw image of the data will be made for examination.
  4. Our data recovery experts analyse, repair and recover data from the raw image, using leading-edge technology.
  5. On successful completion of the data recovery project, file lists are created, the data is checked for validity and integrity, and returned in the requested format.

Types of hard disk drives

We can recover data from all types of hard drives, including;
IDE ,EIDE, SATA, , ESDI, SCSI, RLL, MCA, ST/MFM, Fibre Channel, PCMCIA Type I, II and II, 1.8″ ATA, and CF+ Type II hard drives.

Costs & turnaround-time

The turn-around time for full data recovery with analysis, is typically 3-5 days. However, complicated cases may take longer.

As there are so many different factors involved in recovering data, you will need to call a consultant on 1800 LOSTFILES (1800 5678 34) to assess your situation. There’s a very good chance that we can retrieve your lost data in a fast, efficient and cost effective way