NTFS Data Recovery

New Technology File System – NTFS – forms the basis of all current Microsoft client and server operating systems, and was introduced mid 1993 with Windows 3.1 (Version 1.0) and through Windows 8

There are additional benefits associated with the Windows 8 NTFS release, which includes the new “Windows 8 Resilient File System” (ReFS) and reportedly provides the capability to handle huge amounts of data, sharing of storage pools over different machines and resiliency from corruption. Regarding the last, we will see!Data Recovery Australasia has developed procedures to make sure that if an NTFS-formatted disk with physical and/or logical faults is submitted to us for data recovery, if it is possible to recover your data, we WILL get it.Our procedures include the resolution of physical faults, creation of a clone so that your original data is never at risk, and ultimately a successful recovery to your satisfaction.If you are not satisfied with the results we provide there is no fee.

No fix – no fee.

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