Mac Data Recovery

Are you searching for someone to who can help with your Mac data recovery or hard drive recovery? Talk to the experts at Data Recovery Australia! Our team are available all over Australia to help with your Mac hard drive recovery and any data recovery Mac computer owners may need.

An increasingly significant proportion of disks submitted to us for our no fix-no fee service are from Macs. When initially discussing data recovery with a Mac user, we recommend that if the disk is internal to a Mac still under warranty, it be taken to an authorised Mac dealer for removal by a qualified person.

On receipt of the Mac hard drive we make whatever temporary repairs may be required to allow is to make successful communication with it. We then stream off the content of the disk and make a clone of it, as data recovery must not be attempted on the original disk – this can make a situation far worse. We will use the data recovery software mac has recommended to offer the best chance of recovering your data.

To assist our repair processes we hold in the lab approximately 6,500 hard disks which most times gives us ready access to spare components. We also have a fully certified Class 100 clean zone allowing us to safely work within the hard disk platter chamber.

Having created the necessary clone, this is then analysed to determine the correct recovery processes, the data recovered and returned to you on a family of DVDs or a hard disk supplied by you or purchased from us, whichever is most convenient to you.

Call us now on 1800 LOST FILES (1800 5678 34) to discuss your current situation with one of our data recovery experts.