Laptop Data Recovery

Laptops, notebooks, netbooks and similar normally contain a hard disk (hard drive) which is a complex data storage device which is unfortunately susceptible to the physical battering that these tools occasionally receive.

Once your portable computer stops booting up or you can’t access your data then you have a need for professional data recovery from your hard disk.Do not try to run any procedures your self – that generally makes a bad situation worse.When a hard disk is submitted to us for our no fix-no charge service it is assessed by the lab for physical damage, which is most times to the platters, read/write heads or electronic circuitry. We have in the lab 6,500+ hard disks which normally gives us ready access to spare parts, together with a fully certified Class 100 clean zone which enables us to safely dismantle the disk and work inside the platter chamber.

Having made any required temporary repairs the contents of the disk are streamed off so that a clone can be made of the original disk. This is necessary as data recovery must never be carried out on the subject disk as recovery procedures can overwrite the original data. It should also be noted that once a disk suffers from physical damage, this almost always causes logical damage, or damage to the data or data structure.

Normally within 2 – 3 working days we can report back. This time can be extended if the cloning process is slowed by a poor disk surface coupled with a large disk size, or difficulty in obtaining required spares.

Your data is then returned to you within a further day on whatever medium is appropriate, normally determined by data size.

If any files are critical or urgently required, providing they can be zipped up to less than 2GB, they can be returned via FTP over the Internet.

Call us now on 1800 LOST FILES (1800 5678 34) to discuss your current situation with one of our data recovery experts.