Forensic Data Recovery

Forensic data recovery is the basis of computer forensics. The acquisition, preservation, preparation, analysis and presentation of computer-related evidence is of the outmost importance and should only be done utilising secure, controlled methodologies and auditable procedures.

Our IT forensics team use this careful methodical approach for all types of forensic file recovery or forensic hard drive recovery. Call us today to discuss your need for a computer forensics investigation.

Forensic data recovery procedures gather evidence that is used to advantage in many types of information theft, human resources proceedings and investigations, including sexual harassment, discrimination, and wrongful termination claims.

We have been conducting computer investigations since 1999, and literally hundreds of cases have been involved with the theft of confidential company information (intellectual property).

Many times we are called-in weeks, even months after the employee has departed, and we have been successful in obtaining incontestable evidence of wrong doing after investigating the appropriate PCs.

The basis of our procedures is the same as used by state and federal police, resulting in seamless transmission of evidence to them should legal counsel decide that a crime has been committed.

Act now, and take advantage of the benefits of a computer forensics investigation.

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