Data Retrieval

We have been successfully performing data retrieval tasks since 1999.

Data retrieval, file retrieval – or data recovery – is a very specialised set of skills. To do it successfully we have dedicated our company to this sole task since 1999.We don’t sell computer systems or software; we just do data recovery.There are two main types of data recovery problems; physical and logical. These are self explanatory in that physical refers to physical problems associated with the disk i.e. damaged disk platters, damaged read/write heads or electronic component failure. Logical problems relate to corrupted data, index tables or system files.

A disk can suffer from logical problems alone, however a disk that has sustained physical damage will almost always exhibit additional logical problems. For this reason, the cost of data retrieval from a physically damaged disk is always more than a logical recovery.

A data recovery task will commence with the temporary repair of any physical problems, then the copying of every digital bit onto a hard disk (cloning), analysis of the logical problems on the clone followed by the data recovery process itself.

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