Data File Recovery

Data file recovery should never be attempted on the original disk – there is a huge risk that required data will be overwritten.

We have been successfully recovering data – critical business files and priceless private information – since 1999 and data recovery is all we do. All operating systems including Android are supported and all media from floppy disk to complex hard disk RAID arrays, with the exception of magnetic tape systems.Data recovery is very much a specialised IT activity and must never be attempted unless the procedures are fully understood, and certainly never carried out on the subject disk.Our data recovery procedures, developed over the years, acknowledge the importance of data both business and private. If your data is recoverable, we WILL get it.

To complement our recover procedures, we carry in our lab over 6,500 hard disks, we also maintain a Class 100 clean zone, allowing us to safely dissemble the disk and work within the platter chamber where tolerances of a few microns apply.

For hard disk data recovery we offer a free pickup service anywhere in Australia.

Call us now on 1800 LOST FILES (1800 5678 34) to discuss your current situation with one of our data recovery experts.