Data Disk Recovery

We perform data disk from all types of disks: CDs, DVDs, memory cards and sticks, old style Zip and Jazz, floppies and hard disks including RAID arrays.

Data disks fail for two major reasons, physical damage to the platters, read/write heads or electronic component failure, and logical damage to the data on the disk platters.As a matter of interest, a large proportion of disks submitted to us for data recovery are external USB disks that have been dropped/knocked off a desk or table. One way to reduce the likelihood of this is to place the USB device behind the laptop or keyboard rather than on either side.When disks have physical faults, they almost inevitably suffer from logical damage, which, contributes to the fact that the data recovery fee for physical problems may be higher than a logical recovery.

The first step in the data disk recovery procedure is to assess the disk, make whatever temporary physical repairs are necessary to enable disk communication, then stream off the entire contents of the disk and making a clone of it. This is essential as data disk recovery should never be attempted on the actual disk itself; this can in many cases lead to the required data being overwritten by the recovery processes.

Having analysed the clone, the necessary recovery processes are completed and the required data copied to the appropriate media.

If critical data is urgently required (zip size less than 2GB) this can be forwarded by FTP.

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