Computer Recovery

We can help you recover your critical business data or lost sentimental files.

Computer recovery services are required for many reasons, including files that have been accidentally or maliciously deleted, system files have become corrupted, logical damage to the data or index tables, physical damage to the disk platter surface/s, electronic component failure.The simplest method of computer recovery is of course to restore data from backups that have been properly carried out on a regular basis.Unfortunately it is only when the primary data has failed that it is discovered that the backups are incomplete, and in some cases completely missing due to equipment failure or incorrect procedures being employed.One way of avoiding this is to confirm that the scheduled backup has in fact occurred by simply confirming that a file newly created is in fact present and working correctly.

When a need for computer recovery procedures has been established, to avoid compounding a serious problem, i.e. making a bad situation worse there are two golden rules to observe:

  • Do not attempt to conduct any procedures on the disk itself.
  • Chose your data recovery company carefully; experience and a sound client base does matter.

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