Computer File Recovery

File recovery is really all about recovering data that has been generated by an application (program) or suite of applications.

It is not about recovering the application. These are complex sets of files which are normally readily available on “install” disks and any attempt to recover programs would be time-consuming and unnecessary.Data files represent many hours, days, even months of work, and data recovery must be entrusted to a professional data recovery company that possesses the necessary experience, hardware and software tools, certified clean zones and availability of or access to replacement components.Whilst many IT staff feel that maybe they can help by “giving it a go”, such an ad hoc approach to data recovery must not be contemplated, as in many cases there is only one chance at recovering the data.

The normal procedure that is followed for file recovery is firstly to make whatever temporary repairs may be necessary to make successful communication with the disk, then every bit and byte is streamed off the disk – making a clone of it – as data recovery must never be attempted on the original disk.

The clone is then analysed and the appropriate procedures carried out to recover the required files.

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